New Year, New Pad: Choosing The Right Sanitary Napkin

New Year, New Pad: Choosing The Right Sanitary Napkin

Did you know 60% of women wear the wrong size Pad? We each have our own unique shape and flow. But how many of us have given thought to the size of our sanitary pad? So, why is that we all wear the same size sanitary pad? Well, there’s no right or wrong way to handle menstruation. Every woman is different, and so is her body’s reaction to periods.

At Freeda, your protection and comfort are our priority. That’s why we have different kinds of sanitary pads that work best for your body and your period. We know that having a menstrual pad that fits properly provides you with the period protection you need. It is a common misconception among many women that all feminine pads are the same and that they all leak! The truth is that a lot of women do not know that leak free periods are possible when finding the right pad coverage. Did you know that pads come in different lengths and front-back coverages to match your specific protection needs? A longer daytime pad (or using a specially designed night time pad) can increase the coverage front to back and reduce leaks. Here are some tips to get you started. The first time you get your period, you might want to try Freeda Soft Cotton Day Use Non-wings pad. If the non-wings seems to be filling up too quickly, then try Freeda Soft Cotton Night Use for more absorption. If after a few hours it looks like there’s not much blood there, then you can switch to a regular pad with lesser absorbency. Your flow is not exactly the same throughout your period. Therefore, using the same sanitary pad type for all the days might not seem like the best option. Some girls use two different types of sanitary pads with different absorbencies—one that can take care of their heavy days and a lighter absorbency pad for their lighter days. The special Freeda pads for the night-time are longer and wider at the back, they can fully protect you while you move around in your sleep and offer you a night of worry-free sleep, even on those days.

Freeda products are designed to fit different body shapes and sizes and to provide protection for all types of period flows (from a light flow to a very heavy flow). Whether you prefer a sanitary pad with wings or without wings, regular pads or thin pads (Freeda Soft Cotton Day Use w/ wings, Freeda Clean and Dry Net Side Night Use w/ wings), or day or overnight protection, there are several options of pads to choose from to fit your shape and flow. In order to help you make the best selection from our range of products, we have prepared an easy sizing chart for you to use: Simply select your panty size and menstrual flow level to find the coordinating size pad for you. 

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