Handling Her Period Like A Man

Handling Her Period Like A Man

Sometimes she’s an emotional brat during her period. It happens. She’s even more emotional if she had a particularly rough month that month. It’s like every negative feeling she internalize decides to release itself in a week-long bender of crying and lashing out and weeping at videos of puppies.

She’s bloated, feeling disgusting mess, sluggish and irritable. All she wants to do is sit on her couch in her stretchiest pajama pants and watch bad rom coms without anyone coming anywhere near her.

We know we’re not supposed to admit this, but some girls on their period really do become undesirable bitches. However, fear not! You CAN survive your girlfriend during period week!

Let’s read how these men deal with premenstrual girlfriends and get some helpful tips what you can do to make your girlfriend’s period week a bit more manageable for both you and her.

2) PREPARE TO GET SNAPPED AT FOR LITTLE TO NO REASON. She’s spamming you with angry texts because you didn’t get back to her in ten minutes. She’s fuming at you because you don’t have a garbage pail in your bathroom for her to throw her napkin in. She wants to punch you in the face because you didn’t buy the right wine for dinner tonight. Why did your female coworker comment on your profile picture? Are you hooking up with her? And then the F word. Yeah. These reactions, while they might seem insane and irrational to you, are very, very real to her. And keep in mind that everyone (even you!) has moments when they exhibit this kind of behavior, whether or not they are influenced by a period. So my advice is to just respond to her how you normally would.  – Chris, 26 yo, Bar Owner.
 3) INDULGE HER WEIRD FOOD CRAVINGS WITH HER. If your girlfriend suddenly finds herself craving pounds of Mexican food and then a trip to a specific diner for a very very specific chocolate-covered dessert that she saw on Instagram and needs, like, right this second, you should help her indulge this craving. Take her to those places with a smile on your face and stuff your face with her. Why doesn’t she ask her girlfriends, you ask? Well, they will probably make her feel fat for wanting to do such a thing. You, on the other hand, are a man who is capable of eating just as much as she can during period week. She needs you here. – Angelo, 22 yo, Call Center Agent
4) BUY HER THE GODDAMN NAPKINS. If you guys are hanging out in your sweats and she runs out of sanitary pads and she asks you nicely to please go down to the store to buy her more, just do it. Literally just shut up and do it. The cashier knows they’re not for you. – Kyle, 18 yo, Student
5) MAKE HER FEEL HOT. During period week, my girlfriend would complain about breaking out or bloatedness that her stomach swells to two times its normal size. The best thing you can do for your girlfriend during this time is make her feel sexy. Forget the food or period, even. If the extent of what you do is make her feel attractive and desirable when those are the last two ways she’d ever describe herself, you have won boyfriend of the year. – Jay, 23 yo, Model



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